Pre-MPA Concerts to Come Late February


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The MPA, a competition for vocal, orchestra, and band majors, is coming soon!

Karly Scheder, Reporter

Every year, three specific concerts in winter are held in our theater, with each major involved being expected to do just as well–if not better than–the year before. Such majors include vocal, band, and orchestra, all of whom are to perform in the annual Music Performance Assessments, better known as MPAs. The scores can be superior, excellent, good, fair, and poor, in order from best to worst in terms of the performance given. All three will have their own separate concerts during the month of February. For these particular majors, it can be an event with tremendous pressure as they’re put in front of judges. These assessments not only evaluate their talent currently, but the capability of a student to make progress and learn from last year’s mistakes.

In late February, particularly the last full week of the month, is when the concerts will be held. Vocal majors are to perform on our stage on the 20th with orchestra on the 21st, then finally with band on the 23rd. Each is set to begin at 6:30 after school, with the band’s performance consisting of three pieces, including having to sightread, which is the practice of reading and preforming a music piece that the performer has not seen or learned before. The pieces they present are that of months’ work.

These concerts are another means of practicing before the big test, where each major performs as if they’re already in front of the judges. Sophomore band major Peri Davis states, “It’s a chance to show what we’ve learned that year, and how we’ve improved from that previous year’s MPA.” This event is required for students in those majors to perform in.

Those who perform in the event even have the chance to see those from other programs and schools play, in addition to receiving the constructive criticism that may not be available by just getting feedback from people in their class. With the judges and ability to view others’ performances, there can be an abundance of responses, whether its constructive criticism or praise. Last year, both Jazz A and Jazz B earned the highest scores of superiors from all three judges. Be sure to wish luck to all vocal, orchestra, and band majors for the upcoming assessment!