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  • September 17No Make-Up days from Hurricane Dorian!
Camilo Zeballos
Camilo is a 12th grade Creative Writer at OCSA. He joined The Ledger to write the facts and keep the student body updated on national and international news. In his free time, Camilo enjoys writing music, talking with people, and eating Chipotle chicken bowls at Nature's Table.

Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

Sep 17, 2019
Picture Day is This Week! (Story)
Sep 09, 2019
Herff Jones in Town for Gowns Tomorrow and Tomorrow Only! (Story)
Aug 30, 2019
No School Until Thursday, September 5th, and Everything you Need to Know for the Hurricane (Story)
Aug 29, 2019
Evolution of Hong Kong Protests (Story)
Aug 19, 2019
Guys and Dolls Auditions (Story)
Apr 17, 2019
Pope Benedeccit XVI Responds (Story)
Apr 01, 2019
Studio C Members Leave to Start JK! Studios (Story)
Mar 12, 2019
Heart Attack Drug May Decrease Damage (Story)
Mar 08, 2019
A Special Surprise in the Gaming Tournament (Story)
Feb 28, 2019
Vatican Treasurer, George Pell, Becomes Highest Convicted Official of the Catholic Church. (Story)
Feb 22, 2019
Mark “No-Show” Zuckerberg (Story)
Feb 14, 2019
BitCoin Scam (Story)
Feb 01, 2019
Duke of Only English (Story)
Jan 24, 2019
Big Questions Debate (Story)
Jan 14, 2019
Scientists Find Relation Between Acid Reflux and Death While Seizures (Story)
Jan 11, 2019
Arts Alive Application Extended! (Story)
Dec 13, 2018
France Prepares For More Violent “Yellow Vest” Riots in Paris. (Story)
Dec 03, 2018
Welcome Back Home, Alumni! (Story)
Nov 05, 2018
Europe’s Newly Found Isolationism (Story)
Oct 24, 2018
Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge (Story)
Oct 24, 2018
Don’t be a Lab Rat SWAT (Story)
Oct 17, 2018
Youtube is Down (Story)
Oct 12, 2018
New Facebook Video Chatting Device (Story)
Oct 09, 2018
The World’s Largest Rodent Might Give us Cure for Cancer (Story)
Sep 28, 2018
Dunkin’ (not) Donuts (Story)
Sep 28, 2018
Iphone Xs Charging problem (Story)
Aug 28, 2018
A Dying Church in Ireland (Story)
Aug 24, 2018
Unchained Crackers (Story)
Aug 24, 2018
Drugs Next Door (Story)
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