Senior Class Meeting: Information About Graduation


Jasmeen Rivera

Graduation: Senior Meeting 2020

Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

On Monday, February 17th, the class of 2020 had their first graduation-centered meeting covering the information for these next last months. For the people who could not be there, here was everything that had been discussed and anything you might have missed!

First things first: ALL graduation rehearsals are MANDATORY! No excuses will be accepted. If you have a job, please take the following schedule down below to your employer.

May 19th— 9:10 A.M- 12:30 P.M

Graduation Preview, Expectations, Cap & Gown Delivery, and Tickets; Location: Theatre

May 20th–12:30 P.M-4:10 P.M

Graduation Rehearsal; Location: Theatre

May 21st–9:10 A.M-12:05 P.M (LAST DAY FOR SENIORS)

Graduation Rehearsal; Location: Theatre

May 22nd–9:10 A.M-2:15 P.M (Tech) 2:30P.M-3:45P.M(Run-Through)

Tech/Dress Rehearsal and Full Run-Through; Location: Theatre

May 26th–9:00 A.M-10:30A.M

Senior Breakfast; Location: Expo Hall

May 26th–11:00 A.M-12:20 P.M

Senior Awards Ceremony; Location: Expo Hall

May 26th–1:00 P.M-2:30 P.M

Final Run-Through; Location: Theatre

*Please note that this final run-through is not guaranteed.*

May 26th–6:00 P.M, Call Time @ 5:00 P.M

OCSA 2020 Graduation; Location: Expo Hall + Theatre


Let’s go over the 2020 Graduation Expectations! Dr.Evens, OCSA’s Principal, noted that the school faculty fought hard for our students to gain privileges previous graduating classes didn’t have. However, because of this, the situation was more of a give-and-take concerning school guide lines.

As stated before, all rehearsals are mandatory. This is per district rule and will not be changed, nor altered. Thanks to the early notice, this will allow students who are involved in occupations to inform their employer before the time comes. Each graduate will get ten tickets each. Any extra tickets you accumulate can be turned into Mrs.Cornwell. If you find yourself needing MORE tickets, you can request them on a first-come-first-served basis.

Caps and gowns will be delivered May 19th, our first graduation rehearsal. All orders must be placed online by March 15th! You can not order your cap and gown through the school. It must be placed online. Mrs.Gill, OCSA’s College and Career Counselor, emphasized that the school “does not have extra caps and gowns laying around” and “you either get it or you don’t.” However, there is an opportunity that the 2020 class was able to achieve this year: yes, you can decorate your cap. This years Senior will be the first graduating class at OCSA to ever get the chance to decorate their cap. However, all designs must be approved prior to designing your cap. You must send/show your design ideas to Dr.Evens or Mrs.Cornwell by May 1st, the month graduation. Caps may not have the following: lights, offensive language, or inappropriate language.

The dress code for this years graduation was an apparent sacrifice by the faculty in order for the class to decorate their caps.

Dresses and women’s tops: finger-tip length or longer, no low cuts/cleavage, no spaghetti straps or strapless, and no jeans.

Men: Slacks, trousers (no jeans) with a buttoned top or polo. Blazers and ties are optional.

Shoes: Neutral color shoes (black, brown, gray, nude, white) *Must be flat or with a heel 1′ inch or smaller.*

For graduation day, all guests must have a ticket to enter the event. If a guest does not have a ticket or their entire party is not present, they will not be allowed inside as well. If your party becomes separated or a part of your party does not arrive on time, it is highly likely the whole group will not sit together during graduation. No group is allowed to save seats.

We wish this process to go smoothly as possible and can’t wait to see you all at Graduation!