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  • January 7Congratulations to the 33 Creative Writers Accepted for Publication During Distance Learning!

2019-2020 Staff

Quinn Summerville


Quinn Summerville is The Editor-in-Chief of the OCSA Ledger, whose goal in journalism is to establish a bridge of information between the OCSA Administration and the student body. Quinn hopes to attend University to pursue Business...

Caroline Centeno

Associate Editor

Associate Editor of The OCSA Ledger, Caroline Centeno hopes to provide the highest quality truth to the OCSA student body. She is a Junior Creative Writer at OCSA and is in her second year on The OCSA Ledger staff. In the future,...

Camilo Zeballos


Camilo is a 12th grade Creative Writer at OCSA. He joined The Ledger to write the facts and keep the student body updated on national and international news. In his free time, Camilo enjoys writing music, talking with people,...

Jasmeen Rivera


Jasmeen is a Senior Creative Writer at the Osceola County School for the Arts. After being on The OCSA Ledger staff for three years, with this one being her last, Jasmeen is incredibly grateful for all the paper has given her....

Emilyanne Richart


Emilyanne Richart is a Sophomore Creative Writer at OCSA. She loves everything about Marvel, especially The Captain America Trilogy. Through her words and actions, Emilyanne hopes to help others, and, in the process, change the...

Alexis Incandela


Alexis Incandela is a Sophomore Journalist on The OCSA Ledger. Her goal is to serve the community through her writing and she hopes to have an impact on her audience through her words and actions. Lexi hopes to attend University...

Frances Oyola


Frances is a Junior Reporter for The OCSA Ledger. She has been doing journalism for three years and has a concerning obsession with Harry Potter.

AnnaBella McGinnis


AnnaBella is a Sophomore Creative Writer at OCSA. An avid geek with a sarcastic personality, her focus is on the students of OCSA. Annabella is determined to make everyone's voice heard and she will strive to provide the news...

Allison Schreck


Allison is a Sophomore Band Major at OCSA. She joined The OCSA Ledger because she would like to inform the public about the important events at OCSA and around the world. In her free time, Allison enjoys playing music, dancing,...

Brendan Guillen


Brendan is a Senior Creative Writer who has a passion to expand the reach of the OCSA Ledger and keep the expanding audience informed in an educated manor. In his rare, though much appreciated free time, he is dedicated to reading...

Raquel Perry

Reporter/Marketing Manager

Raquel Perry is a Senior Creative Writer at the Osceola County School for the Arts. As a journalist, her one goal is to present news in a well-rounded objective manner. She investigates, collects, and presents information as a...

Jasmeen Rivera


Jasmeen Rivera is a senior at the Osceola County School for the Arts. As a journalist, her one goal is to report the truth and to use her strength as a person—what the truth means to her—to push herself to be a better writer....

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