The OCSA Ledger

2020-2021 Staff

Caroline Centeno


Editor-In-Chief of The OCSA Ledger, Caroline Centeno hopes to provide the highest quality truth to the OCSA student body. She is a Senior Creative Writer at OCSA and is in her third year on The OCSA Ledger staff. In the future,...

Alexis Incandela

Associate Editor

Alexis Incandela is the Associate Editor of The OCSA Ledger, whose goal is to serve the community through her writing. She hopes to have an impact on her audience through her words and actions. After high school, Alexis hopes...

Emilyanne Richart


Emilyanne Richart is a 10th grade  Creative Writer at OCSA. She loves anything that has to do with Marvel, especially the Captain America trilogy. She aspires to change the world through her voice and actions. She wishes to choose...

Emilyanne Richart


Emilyanne Richart is a Sophomore Creative Writer at OCSA. She loves everything about Marvel, especially The Captain America Trilogy. Through her words and actions, Emilyanne hopes to help others, and, in the process, change the...

AnnaBella McGinnis


AnnaBella is a Sophomore Creative Writer at OCSA. An avid geek with a sarcastic personality, her focus is on the students of OCSA. Annabella is determined to make everyone's voice heard and she will strive to provide the news...

Omar Diab


Jillian Jenks


Jillian Jenks is a writer.

Daniel Linares


Daniel Linares is a reporter.

Alex Alonso


Brian E. Capley


Mr. Brian Capley is a director of the Creative Writing Department at OCSA. As adviser of the school newspaper, Mr. Capley actively pursues truth through the written word. When he is not drinking his 24-ounce coffee, you can find ...

Destiny Sesto


Destiny Sesto is a journalist.

Aubrey Bohen


Aubrey Bohen is a journalist.

Laura Richart

Laura is a reporter.

Ruby Carrero-Pomales


Ruby is a reporter.

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