The OCSA Ledger

2018-2019 Staff

Caroline Centeno

Associate Editor

Mackenzie Riley


Mackenzie Riley is a Senior Creative Writer at OCSA. She enjoys objective reporting of the reasons for events and actions.  She hopes to pursue a career in international law and policy making, finding this love for international...

Jonea Mathis

Editor, Insight

Jonea Mathis is a Senior Creative Writing major at OCSA and an avid lover of poetry, music, and dogs. She is yet to find the best way to combine the three, but she still tries. With her writing she aims to shine a light on injustices...

Quinn Summerville


Quinn Summerville is a junior Journalist for the OCSA Ledger, whose goal in journalism is to establish a bridge of information between the OCSA Administration and the student body. Quinn hopes to attend the United States Naval...

Natali Barias


Natali Barias is a Junior Creative Writer at OCSA. She enjoys journalism because she is able to learn and report about events occurring globally. Natali aspires to graduate from Florida State University or the University of...

Matty Mendez


Brendan Guillen


Brendan is a Junior Creative Writing major who has a passion to expand the reach of the OCSA Ledger and keep the expanding audience informed in an educated manor. In his rare though much appreciated free time, he is dedicated...

Camilo Zeballos


Camilo is an 11th grade creative writing major. He joined newspaper to write the facts and keep you updated on national and international news. In his free time, he enjoys writing music, talking with people and eating a chipotle...

Angelic Rigby


Angeliq is a junior creative writer who is new to Osceola County School for the Arts. She joined newspaper to deliver factual and unbiased news to the students at OCSA. Other than writing, she is very interested in music, films,...

Jennifer Randall


Jennifer is a senior creative writer at the Osceola School for the Arts. Her goal is to tell the news in a fair, truthful, and interesting way. She enjoys reporting because she likes to know what's going on in the world, and is...

Raquel Perry


Raquel Perry is a junior Creative Writer at the Osceola County School for the Arts. As a journalist, her one goal is to present news in a well-rounded objective manner. She investigates, collects, and presents information as a...

Jasmeen Rivera


Jasmeen Rivera is a junior at the Osceola County School for the Arts. As a journalist, her one goal is to report the truth and to use her strength as a person—what the truth means to her—to push herself to be a better writer....

Jay Baez


Jay Baez is a Senior Creative Writer. She enjoys the fact that journalism helps her stay more in touch with the world than before. She loves to swim and eat chipotle. The biggest goal in her book is to graduate from her dream...

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