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Alexis Incandela, Reporter


On February 17th, (coincidentally National Random Acts of Kindness Day) Captain Ken Chapman, area commander of the Salvation Army in Osceola and Orange county announced with County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry  the opening of the new Salvation Army Resource Center. The new center is located in downtown Kissimmee at Osceola Christian Ministry Center. 

During her campaign for commissioner, Choudhry used her time to spread awareness of the homeless epidemic. “Let me be clear, this does not happen with one person. It is done with the help of many amazing people and organizations,” She said, standing in front of the new resource center, four years in the making. “This is only Phase I, and we’ll need everyone involved for it to be a huge success.”

Salvation Army is an international charitable organization, that works to serve and help the local community. In past years, they’ve helped the community by providing shelter for those in need as well as meal plans and  provide therapy for those combating addiction.