The Rise of #ArmMeWith


Geraldo Salcedo, Reporter

In response to President Trump and some Congressional members’ call to arm teachers with guns after the Parkland school shooting, teachers across the United States have taken to social media with the hashtag “ArmMeWith.” The hashtag does not advocate for teachers carrying guns, however, but rather that they should be “armed” with ample classroom resources to be more effective ensuring safety within school environment.

Teachers have been posting pictures on sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with posters that have the hashtag written on them and a list of possible resources that could increase their effectiveness. Natalie Flaten, an ELA teacher at Cooper City High School, posted a tweet stating:

“I don’t need to be armed with a gun but rather #ArmMeWith

  • Legislature that puts our children’s lives before your guns
  • Funding to truly support my students
  • More time to build a class community instead of inundating them with testing
  • Action, not just thoughts and prayers.”


Though teachers are technically not supposed to involve themselves with politics, many have felt an obligation to voice their concerns on the gun control debate because it includes them.