COVID-19 Stimulus Checks Delayed Because of Glitch


Matt Rourke/AP

Stimulus checks have been delayed due to glitches in the system.

Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

The International Revenue Service has begun sending out the $1,200 stimulus checks to millions of Americans in an attempt to jumpstart the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some who have direct deposit received their checks last Friday. However, others expected to receive their checks Wednesday morning, but due to a glitch in the system, nothing had arrived or the wrong amount was deposited. Some parents were upset to see that they did not receive the promised $500 check for their dependent children.

Steven Munchin, US Treasury Secretary, had instructed the Internal Revenue Services to send out payments as fast as possible to help neutralize the loss of jobs and businesses. However, numerous glitches have delayed the checks and has caused confusion for recipients. The glitch effects those who used tax preparers, parents of dependent children, and those who’s 2019 taxes are still to be processed. According to Treasury, those who used H&R Block, Turbo Tax, and other services weren’t able to get their payments due to IRS not having their direct deposit on file. The IRS launched a “Get My Payment” on Wednesday, a tool that helps people track payment status and fill direct deposit information. However, some say when they attempted to use the tool, they received a message saying “Payment Status Not Available,” leaving them with more unanswered questions.

“My stimulus got sent to the wrong account and it won’t let me update it despite you guys saying we could. I guess I’ll just get evicted,” says one Twitter user.

According to the Washington Post, parents stated that they acquired a $1,200 check for single-head households or $2,400 for a married couple, but the IRS left out the $500 payments for dependent children under 17 years old. IRS and Treasury acknowledged the errors, saying they are working hard in fixing them. Social Security recipients are expected to get their checks later in the month. Paper checks will be sent out starting next week. Low income people, including the homeless, who do not normally fill out tax returns, are able to receive a check, but must fill out their information in a new non-filers tool on

IRS and Treasury continue to attempt in fixing the issues that are causing the glitches in order to ensure every tax filing American receives compensation during these hard times.