3.5-3.9 Testing Schedule

3.5-3.9 Testing Schedule

Loran Massey, Reporter

Here’s our current testing schedule for this week: 

Today, 3.5, there will be FSA Writing Make-ups for 8th and 9th grade students in the EXPO Hall, Rm 4-101, and the Green Room. 

Tuesday, 3.6, there will be FSA Writing Examinations for 6th and 7th grade students, with a 6th and 7th grade test with accommodations in Rm 4-101. 

Wednesday, 3.7, there will be SAT Testing for all Junior Year Students in the EXPO Hall, Portable 1, Green Room, and the Star Dressing Room. 

Thursday, 3.8, there will be WIDA Writing tests for Tier B & C @ 9 AM, and tests for Tier A @ 1PM. 

Friday, 3.9, there will be remaining make up tests provided for in Rm 4-101.