Trump Steel Tariffs

Steel Worker


Steel Worker

Mackenzie Riley, Reporter

Reforming the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been at the forefront of President Trump’s political promises. The president has called the agreement, “a very bad deal” and has taken motion to impose tariffs on imported steel to boost domestic production and remove the United States from NAFTA. The tariff would make imported steel more expensive and domestically foraged steel more appealing to consumers. House speaker Paul Ryan and other congressional Republicans are against the tariff believing it would incite a “trade war” between the countries apart off NAFTA. Several leaders of countries apart of the commission have already branded Trump’s plan as “absolutely unacceptable” and some European leaders have vouched for imposing tariffs on American goods such as, Bourbon, blue jeans, and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Trump and his administration have argued that the tariffs will allow for better treatment of American workers, ending drug flow from Mexico to the U.S., and fairer trade. Even though he has been criticized for the plan, the president has begun the motions to enact this tariff.