Football Season Restarts in Osceola County


A drawing of an American Football next to a helmet.

Jillian Jenks, Reporter

Football season has restarted in Osceola County. After the season was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, football games will resume for most high schools with safety measures put in place.

The Florida Highschool Athletic Association, or FHSAA, voted to resume high school sports seasons on September 4, 2020. Six area private schools opted to resume their football season right away, implementing COVID-19 safety protocols in order to lower the risk of players contracting the virus. Despite these protocols, several of teams have faced COVID-19 related problems. Team practices have also been canceled for some schools due to students and coaches catching COVID-19.

The games will look different due to safety protocols the schools must follow. “The Orange County school district will not be charging admission this fall but will limit tickets to two per player for each team to reduce crowd size and allow for distancing in the bleachers,” stated The Orlando Sentinel. Accompanying groups such as cheerleaders and bands may not be able to perform at the games.

Osceola County plans on partnering with HomeTown Ticketing to allow for parents and students to book tickets virtually, rather than in person. Games will also be live streamed so people may watch from the comfort of their homes. The district said the following COVID-19 protocols will be implemented: All spectators will be required to wear a mask, social distancing of at least 6 feet is required (unless they are members of the same household or family), every other row will be utilized for sitting in the stands, temperature checks may be required upon entry, and lastly, no backpacks are allowed. Football games will be a much different experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, but these new protocols are working to keep people safe.