OCSA Locked Down: SGA Speaking Up About School Safety

Georgia Sullivan, Reporter

The OCSA campus was put on a real lock down Tuesday around 10AM after reports of a suspicious man on campus. “This is not a drill,” warned Ms. Romero over the speakers. Students hid in closets and under tables, unknowing of the threat, sending texts to loved ones, and hoping to make it out alive. Only minutes after the lock down was called, police sirens and a helicopter circling overhead were heard. The police quickly and carefully searched every classroom on campus for the suspect, busting into rooms armed with assault rifles and bulletproof vests. Any students found in unsecured areas such as bathrooms and testing halls were escorted to safe classrooms. The lock down was lifted after an hour and a half, once the police deemed the school safe. It was found that the suspicious man reported had actually just been a maintenance worker, and there was never an unauthorized person on campus or any danger to the students and staff.

In the wake of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, FL, just a couple hours south of OCSA, the police have been on high alert, taking any and all reports of suspicious persons seriously. Although ultimately unnecessary, the police response Tuesday morning was quick and effective, so thank you to all police officers who responded to the reported threat.

School safety has become a big concern for OCSA students overnight since the lock down. SGA took to Twitter, stating: “SGA is hoping everyone is safe and okay. Our meetings are on Thursday’s in Ms. Warren’s room first half. Come to our meeting this week to discuss things we can do to better our school and get involved.” The OCSA campus is open for anyone to walk on undetected. To voice your opinions and concerns on how to make the school safer and prevent instances like the lock down from happening again, attend SGA meetings and speak up for possible solutions. Your voice matters.