October means OCSAinks



A ink drawing of a bottle of ink

Halle Saldivia, Reporter

OCSAinks challenges visual artists to create pieces of art based on a prompt given each day of October. If the event sounds familiar, that’s because OCSAinks is another name for the popular art challenge, Inktober. It is a chance to sketch out new ideas and create drawings with just ink pens.

“The whole idea is to improve your skill set with pen and ink techniques,” said Mrs. Calderon, OCSA Director of Visual Arts.

When asked what is the hardest part about OCSAinks, a visual artist replied with, “The fact that it is everyday…finishing one everyday is a challenge.”

Why the name change?

In short,Jake Parker, creator of the online challenge, Inktober, has been accused of plagiarizing another artist, Alphonso Dunn, when he created his  drawing tutorial workbook: “Inktober All Year Long.” Dunn said, in a video he posted on YouTube, that Parker plagiarized from his own workbook: “Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide.”

Some visual artists at OCSA decided they didn’t want to associate with the ink challenge and it’s creator, so they created a new version just for themselves. The students collaborated to manufacture the prompts and a new name for daily October ink challenge.

With just one medium to use, students will have to create drawings everyday and do so creatively. “All you need is ink and a piece of paper, and you’re all go good to go,” Visual Artist Gianna Trombetta said in a video posted on the OCSAinks official Instagram.  Good luck to all and happy inking!