UK Helps 1,400 Arts Groups


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Image of the UK flag.

Halle Saldivia, Reporter

On October 12th, the British government announced that they will be giving 257 million pounds (335 million USD) to 1,400 arts and culture organizations. With the help of the government, arts and culture organizations will survive through the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the country went on lock down in March, Britain’s museums, gallerias, theaters, and music venues all shutdown. Some have been able to reopen, but due to COVID social distancing and reduced capacity guidelines, many are experiencing financial loss, and may need to close soon.

Chief Executive of the Society of London Theater and U.K. Theater, Julian Bird said the news was, “warmly welcomed, and will help create work and retain jobs.”

After the art community accused the British government of abandoning them to support other businesses, funding was given to major organizations such as the London Symphony Orchestra, which received 846,000 pounds, and tiny venues such as London’s 50-seat Finborough Theater, which got just under 60,000 pounds. Liverpool’s Cavern Club, where The Beatles shot to fame, received a grant of 525,000 pounds.