NASA Making One Big Leap on Mars: Human Created Oxygen


NASA creating MOXIE, a new way to make oxygen.

Alexander Mata, Reporter

NASA has created a machine that creates oxygen, and with it, opening up the possibilities of space. The machine, called MOXIE, has the ability to convert carbon dioxide not only in Mars, but anywhere in the universe into fresh oxygen for humans to breath. “The MOXIE system essentially produces oxygen like a tree — pulling in the Martian air with a pump, separating oxygen atoms from each molecule of the carbon dioxide”. (CNN)

Scientists intend to use the salt water lakes located beneath the Martian surface, in this groundbreaking process. The water aides in the separation of carbon from the oxygen. With so many ponds and lakes found just beneath the planet’s surface, scientist are hoping that this will help to create an abundance of oxygen.

Overall, this newfound oxygen-creating-device greatly increases our chances of reaching and staying in space long enough to colonize and conduct even greater experiments . Oxygen is such a big issue to deal with and how to maintain it. “Transporting enough oxygen and fuel on a spacecraft to sustain the mission for anywhere near the length of time, however, isn’t currently available.” (CNN) Having to get MOXIE to space is already an obstacle and being able to find the lakes to create the oxygen is going to take time.

Throughout the years NASA has been experimenting and theorizing just how to get to the point that mankind could finally live on Mars. Many tests are still being conducted to this day, but with the December 7, announcement of MOXIE, NASA just might change the face of mankind forever.

It has been a big dream for so many people in the world to travel to space, and have a new feel of living. As new ideas are being brought to life, these chances of space travel will come to a complete 100%.