Cindy Paccor

Sitting and watching as my soul falters and descends; 

His mind does not match her matter 

And he cannot help but contemplate his existence, 

Spotting invisible flaws that only he can see. 


When they ask for handsome suits, not lovely dresses, 

As society should not decide who they ought to be. 

Yet, they still do not own those set of clothes 

As their guardian does not want to understand their intent. 


The decision to deepen their speech and adjust their physique 

Will not end up in regret, 

When they’ve been living in a deep sea 

Of smothering “hers” and suffocated self. 


While I watch as he shifts and frowns, 

People watch him, their opinions dark and impolite 

As they observe with no words, 

Despite saying so much more than was said. 


I’ve seen him in a state of surrender. 

I assure him that he is not broken, that he is not himself yet, 

And her past, I’m sure, he’d rather people forget.