A Farewell to Linda Brown


Geraldo Salcedo , Reporter

On Sunday afternoon, March 25, Linda Brown, died at age 76 in Topeka, Kansas. Brown, who led the famous Brown v. Board of Education landmark case, was known for being an activist for school integration in the 1950s. In 1951, Brown went to court to fight de jure segregation. The case reached the supreme court docket in 1954 and was deliberated by the justices, who agreed on a 9-0 vote that the practice of “separate but equal” was a violation of the 14th amendment.

Mayor of Topeka, Michelle De La Isla, commented on Brown’s death, “This is a huge loss to our community. We will continue to champion civil rights. When you look at the diversity of our community, I think we’re already honoring her legacy.”

Many people of color celebrate her legacy, as the case opened doors for minorities to become a part of the middle class and created an easier environment for them to gain access to higher academic institutions.