Parkland Survivor Harrassed by Republican Congressman

Jay Baez, Reporter

Parkland survivor and activist, Emma Gonzalez, was attacked by Republican Congressman, Steve King, during her speech at the March For Our Lives movement in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 24th. He proceeded to say that Gonzalez “wasn’t Cuban enough to don the flag,” during her chilling speech on gun violence. He then stated that her speech contradicted her supporting Cubans because “the dictatorship that Cuba turned into removed all weapons from its citizens; hence their right to self defense…” one of his team members then added, “Nah, he is just pointing out the irony of someone wearing a communist flag while supporting gun control.”

Despite facing homophobia, the NRA, and gun supporters, she still delivered her 6 minute and 20 second speech, the amount of time it took Nikolas Cruz to kill 17 of her friends, fellow students, and staff members with an AR-15. The long moment of silenced wrenched all, opening up the audience’s eyes on the horrible situation.  Her powerful speech impacted all march goers and viewers, regardless their opinion on gun control in the United States.