Individuals Over 60 May Get Vaccinated In New York


New Yorkers wait in line for COVID-19 vaccine.

Laura Richart, Reporter

In most U.S. states residents over the age of 65 can now receive their vaccine, but many states are changing that rule in the upcoming days and weeks. On Tuesday,. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that any person over 60 years old and a New York resident, will now be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

At an appearance in Syracuse, Cuomo said, “That means people, like as old as I am, will now be eligible for the vaccine.”

New York also wants to broaden access in the hope of allowing more of its citizens eligibility to the vaccine as early March 17th. Additionally, the state wants to vaccinate a large population of its government employees , nonprofit workers, and essential building service workers.

Already close to 1,899,848 New Yorkers have already been fully vaccinated, which is a great start in the process lessening the numbers of new infections , and ultimately eradicating the virus. Meanwhile here in Florida, almost 2,179,625 have gotten the vaccine, which means it appears the United States is at last on track to controlling the future spread of COVID-19.

While Florida does have a larger population, it also has more people eligible to get the vaccine. These people include: anyone 65 years or older that also has a medical condition, or any of the following who are 50+: k-12 faculty members, law enforcement officers, and firefighters.