Charlene Dalto Becomes First Woman in Utah’s History to be Promoted Brigadier General


On Saturday, Charlene Dalto was promoted to brigadier general; she became the first woman in Utah history to do so.

Daniel Linares, Reporter

The Utah Army National Guard promoted Col. Charlene Dalto to brigadier general during the change-of-command ceremony at Camp Williams, Saturday, May 1st, 2021. The promotion makes her the first woman in Utah Army National Guard’s history to receive the rank of brigadier general.

Dalto earned the role of commander of the Utah Army National Guard Land Component Command from Brig. General Thomas C. Fisher. She has served in the military for over 38 years, 20 as an enlisted soldier who climbed up to rank of master sergeant and 18 as an officer in the U.S. Army Nurse Corp.

Dalto has commanded the Medical Detachment of the Utah Army National Guard since February 2018 and is a registered nurse for Intermountain Healthcare.

“I am both honored and grateful to Maj. Gen. Michael Turley and Gov. Spencer Cox for the opportunity to serve as the Land Component commander,” said Dalto. “Throughout my military career, I have been privileged to know many great soldiers and be mentored by outstanding leaders. I pledge to continue that tradition for the Soldiers under my command.”

A brigadier general is an officer in the US Army Marine Corps or US Air Force ranking above colonel and below major general and whose insignia is one star. This is one of the highest positions one can rank in the military, only being outranked by major general, lieutenant general, and Army chief of staff.

The Land Component Command is responsible for six other Army major commands that operate in Utah. Therefore, Dalto will be responsible for all the training and readiness of those six groups, to ensure they and their subordinate units are prepared to respond to the Utah governor or the US president for any domestic or foreign contingency.