Kaitlyn Haslam- 2021 OCSA Hall of Fame


Kaitlyn Haslam celebrating her 16th birthday.

Tomas Sanchez Jurado, Reporter

Kaitlyn Haslam, a graduating senior at OCSA, is a passionate, big hearted individual who has accomplished many great things in her life. Kaitlyn has impressed OCSA with her actions and her vivid care for others, it’s no surprise she is part of the 2021 OCSA Hall of Fame.

Kaitlyn Haslam has not only been an important part of OCSA, she also has done a lot for the community. Last year Kaitlyn hand-made over 100 Valentine’s cards for senior citizens at a local nursing home in Kissimmee. Kaitlyn hoped that these cards warmed the hearts of older citizens who didn’t receive enough love on Valentines Day. Last year, Kaitlyn also delivered hand-made cards and superhero capes for the Cancer Institute Infusion Center. The sentiment comes not only from her own personal experiences with caring for a loved one with cancer, they also come from her biggest asset: her massive heart.

Kaitlyn Haslam has been part of the orchestra department since she was in the 6th grade, she is an exceptional violinist with an extreme talent for music, her art has inspired many fellow musicians to play better. When she became a freshman she started to learn from her current orchestra director, Rueff Frazao. In an interview with Mr. Frazao, he was asked if he was surprised that Kaitlyn made it to the Hall of Fame, he said, “Not at all! She is such a motivator, she is such a kind spirit, a very hard worker, always on top of her stuff, she always calms people down, she always means well, she’s fantastic!” Mr. Frazao expressed appreciation toward her pupil, joking, “I wish I could clone her.”

Kaitlyn Haslam is an extremely smart student, as she has taken all the advantages she could find to get ahead, she took her first first dual enrolled class when she was 14 and graduated this April. Art wise Kaitlyn played in Carnegie Hall in the summer of 2019. When asked about her experience Kaitlyn said, “Being able to play somewhere that’s had so many amazing performances and famous people that have had played there, and being able to play with my orchestra and Mr. Frazao on that big of a stage was probably the greatest experience I’ll ever have.”