Digital School: The Bad, The Good, and The Changes


Alex Alonzo

Alex Alonso, Reporter

It was difficult to adjust to this year’s learning environment, where I attended school digitally instead of in person. Last year, school was digital overall, whereas this year students had the option to attend school digital or in-person. This means that, as a digital student, I lost the option to participate in social events on campus that were available to in person students. There were many events I wish I could have gone to, such as OCSA’s College week. In addition, being a digital student made it harder to build friendships and socialize, since we were stuck at home. On the other hand, face-to-face students were able to socialize. This difference brings digital students to a disadvantage to face-to-face students, where digital students social skills are hindered.

Furthermore, digital students were at a disadvantage to face-to-face students grade-wise as well. It was harder for students to complete class work at home compared to a school environment because of external distractions. Meanwhile, face-to-face students were in a classroom away from distractions, which benefited them. The home setting places digital students at a disadvantage to face-to-face students and affects their grades negatively. Personally, my grades have fallen due to distractions such as video games and videos that distracted me from my class work. But, when  realized this problem, I put limits on my distractions and developed time management skills.

Loss of socialization and different work environments changed the course of my school life. Face-to-face students had opportunities to talk to teachers personally instead of on a team call. Furthermore, in group assignments I had to communicate with my teammates virtually instead of in person, such as on Discord. This way of communication helped me communicate with classmates and start friendships. This shows how amidst the cons of digital learning, there were also pros. When I was at home I was able to protect my grandparents from COVID-19, and I became more aware of digital resources that can help my social and school life.

The future seems hopeful for digital students in the upcoming school year, despite the challenges of socialization in a post COVID-19 world. When I reminisce of digital school, I will remember the mix of good and bad. And I know that these changes will benefit us in the long run.