New Club Alert!


OCSA AAPI’s Instagram Page (@ocsa.aapi)

This Instagram graphic was posted on OCSA’s AAPI club’s official Instagram page.

Emilyanne Richart, Reporter

The sister duo, Ashley and Alyson Lalata, are starting the first-ever Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) club at the Osceola County School for the Arts (OCSA). Through this club, they aim to create a safe place for AAPI students and allies to come together and discuss an array of topics. Both middle and high school students are encouraged to join and take part in creating a community, furthering AAPI representation at OCSA.

Ashley Lalata states that the club is going to be a “Safe space for those people who are interested in social justice.” The Lalata sisters were inspired to start the club due to various reasons, among them being the unfair and violent treatment towards the AAPI community during the pandemic.

Ashley Lalata says that “a lot of (East) Asians have their own stories relating to COVID, so I think that having a room with other Asian students who have experienced first-hand what you’re also going through, can be very comforting to have. I think the club could be like a safe place where AAPI students can share their stories with people who can relate and people who aren’t within the community but are willing to listen.”

The club intents to host events for the upcoming AAPI month, and invites everyone to get involved. The club plans to go more in-depth with their ideas for AAPI month in their meetings, noting that the festivities will be a collaborative effort amongst the club members.

The meetings will be held every last Wednesday during first half of lunch in the Expo Hall. To keep up with the club’s updates and support their mission, feel free to follow them on Instagram @ocsa.aapi!