Inside Versatile Veggie Cooking: Saving the Planet and Staying Healthy in a Delicious Way

Inside Versatile Veggie Cooking: Saving the Planet and Staying Healthy in a Delicious Way

Aubrey Bohen, Reporter

From new pasta hacks, enticing food combinations, and trying new things, the internet is full of unique food experiences. Alternatives to meat products and vegan cooking is making a rise too, but some people may be too scared to venture into the reduction of meat product in their meals. In this column, vegan cooking will make its way to popular trends and traditional foods, bringing planet friendly flavors.

Look forward to cooking with friends for remaking traditional dishes, desserts, and reviews of restaurant’s vegan foods. This column will explore the world of veggies. Vegan and vegetarian meal items are all over, even in your own pantry. Oreos, Haribo Sour S’ghetti Gummi Candy, and even your favorite fast food places like Taco Bell have vegan or vegetarian options.

Vegan meals have led to various health benefits. Internal health is boosted along with the general weight loss, people who have stopped eating lots of animal product report higher energy, linked to the change in their diet. Not all people are ready to give up cheese and other animal products, and going vegan definitely isn’t the savior to all health issues; but reducing your intake can positively affect risks of cardiovascular health. People tend to consume more meat than needed, pushing vegetables off their plate. While meat can come with lots of nutritional gains, using less of it and finding whole food grains from other things is possible.

Eating less meat is also good for the environment. So when you feel great for eating healthier you can also feel great about saving the planet too. The process for obtaining meat products is bad for the environment, “animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives,” according to the United Nations Environment Programme. If you don’t really care about the planet maybe you care about your friends.  Learn to cook a few meals for your veggie friends or try something new for fun.

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