The Oasis Around Us: Brownie Wise Park


Natalie Ramirez

Canoe and kayak launch point to lake Tohopekaliga at Brownie Wise Park.

Natalie Ramirez, Reporter

Looking for a respite from the busy, hectic world around you?  Don’t have the time for a lengthy vacation? Consider checking out some local places of interest and get your recharge on!

There are many places surrounding our local county that can be enjoyed, but are not easily found. This column will introduce these places to our readers, and explain just how to find them for anyone interested in trying out new things and getting out more, but might not be sure where to go.  We’ll also take a look and examine what makes these places good spots to check out, who may enjoy visiting, and the best times to visit.

Since autumn is finally starting to make an appearance, many of us may want to get out more and appreciate the cooler weather. Brownie Wise Park is part of the Tupperware Island Conservation Area, purchased by Osceola County in 2014. It was first known as Candella Island, but later renamed after Brownie Wise, a woman who played a large part in the success of the Tupperware company.

Brownie Wise was an innovative saleswoman who lived not far from the park itself. She also convinced Tupperware to move their headquarters, saying, “we felt that many of our people would like to visit us, especially with the wonderland of Florida to add warmth to the invitation.” They started in an airplane hangar in Orlando and later transferred to Orange Blossom Trail.

FlaHarlock on Tripadvisor says that Brownie Wise Park is in an “Excellent location. Close to downtown Kissimmee yet far enough away for peace and quiet. Definitely recommended.” Cyndywill8 says, there are “Nice pavillions here, and it is always quiet.”

The park is filled with wildlife, such as bunnies, nesting eagles, and a hiking trail to explore, it can be found at 1150 Aultman Road in Kissimmee. Open all week between 8am and 5pm, there is a launch point for personal canoes and kayaks. After a paddling trip, the shaded tables are great to have a picnic and appreciate the fresh air, along with the impressive view of freshwater Lake Tohopekaliga.