The Book Nook: It Ends With Us


Destiny Sesto, Reporter

Welcome to The Book Nook, a column devoted to the reading and reviewing of all types of books! Whether the genre is horror, fantasy, romance, or sci-fi, this column is all set to provide reviews and specific details, including information about the authors.

Many have seen or heard of famous literature, either a stand-alone or a series, and have questioned whether or not the read is worth it. In future articles, that doubt will be relieved, and everyone reading will be confident that the book they are purchasing is the right one for them!

Books have been gaining popularity again and recognized as the smartest accessory one can have. People around campus, online, social media, and other sites have been broadcasting new book releases and making references to the new book. This column will inform our readers and audiences on whether they should spend the money and time on the book or not!  It’ll have summaries, ratings, and author introductions. It’ll also speak about every aspect of the book, and in as much detail as possible, without spoiling the ending.

This column will be creative, fun, and have more than just book talk. There will be polls, where readers can vote on the next purchase/read. Pictures, favorite quotes, and favorite places to read will all be shared. Hopefully there will even be a few published authors featured in future articles.

It Ends With Us:

It Ends With Us is a romance novel by Colleen Hoover. The novel tells the story of Lily Bloom and her romance with Ryle Kincaid, and traces her past history growing up in an abusive home. The novel opens with Lily—a young college graduate living in Boston—on a rooftop, clearing her thoughts after her father’s funeral. This is where she meets Ryle, and their story goes on from there. Her dream was always to open a floral shop, and that’s exactly what she does. She meets lifelong friends and people she considered family, who helped her through every obstacle thrown her way. In the end, she finds happiness.

This novel was published in August of 2016 in Australia by Simon and Schuster. News of this book spread throughout this year, making it one of the most popular books in 2021. Whether on social media or book clubs, ” It Ends With Us” made a huge impact on the book community. Anyone and everyone in the book community has mentioned, seen, or heard of this book.

The reviews:

Deborah- a fellow reader and book reviewer- stated on her blog, Debbish Dotcom, “This isn’t necessarily the story we want to love, but it’s powerful for that very reason. Hoover doesn’t take the easy way out. And with a fabulous cast of characters and engaging writing I can see why this is a huge hit. I can only imagine it will get picked up for the big or small screen fairly quickly.”

My Thoughts:

This novel helped me out of a reading slump. It had understandable but advanced language, and captivated me from start to end. The book is around 380 pages, and is what I’d consider a quick read. It took two days to read and changed my perspective on romance novels completely. This book isn’t happiness and rainbows. It showed messy love. It showed hurt, pain. It showed forced happiness. This novel made me rethink love overall, what it’s supposed to look like. What one deserves.

I would most definitely recommend this novel; the imagery and details used make you feel as though you are Lily Bloom, living her life, going through her scenarios. In the beginning, she felt helpless, but after meeting Ryle Kincaid and the events that followed, she became a bit more confident, and stood up for herself when needed.

Overall, I’d rate this book a 5/5. It had one of the most interesting plot twists, and character development. The ending was completely unexpected, but made the book memorable. I was not able to get this book off of my mind. I spoke about it at school, and got many people to add it to their reading list!