Letter from the Editor, 2021-2022

Farewell to our readers for summer break!

OCSA Ledger

Farewell to our readers for summer break!

Alexis Incandela, Editor-In-Chief

As I enter my senior year, I’m thinking back to when I first stumbled upon Journalism Class, and how I admired the passion my fellow peers had for it. I was a digital student my first year as an editor, while the serving staff and Editor-In-Chief were face-to-face. Many reporters on staff last year were first time journalism students.

During my time as The OCSA Ledger Associate Editor, I worked with a team of 16 diverse and opinionated students. I’ll admit, I was skeptical about how much we would be able to accomplish, considering the mixed mode of our staff, but I was pleasantly surprised by their commitment, dedication, and passion for delivering the news. My staff has persevered seamlessly through the obstacles of digital learning, which is why I am confident they will handle any challenges this year with competence and enthusiasm. For these reasons I am excited to be Editor-In-Chief of The OCSA Ledger. I am thrilled to work with a team that is eager to learn, investigate, and report on issues they feel matter to our readers.

As Editor-In-Chief, I will continue to hold The OCSA Ledger to the highest possible standards. The very idea of free press in America has been called into question recently. It’s easy for people to get lost in a plethora of fake news and misinformation, which is why I am encouraging my staff to bring truth and integrity to their reporting.

In the past, the paper has primarily focused on state and national news. This year I hope to bring back focus on the OCSA community. It is my hope that students, parents, and faculty here know they can turn to The OCSA Ledger for timely and accurate articles. I am excited to see what lies ahead for this year.


Alexis Incandela


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