The Vocal Concert was a Success


Osceola County School of the Arts

The Vocal Department held their first concert of the year on October 19th.

Alex Alonso, Reporter

On October 19th, the Vocal Department held their first choral concert of the year, which was an event that everyone came to enjoy. Both middle and high school vocal majors performed. The concert showcased what the vocalists were wishing to share last year but couldn’t because of COVID-19.

The concert showcased other art majors, including two violinists who played with a couple of the choirs. 

The night was exciting for those who performed and attended. But for the parents, it was even more exciting as some of them saw their child on stage after a long time without performance opportunities.

When asked if there was a song in the concert that can inspire students Lisa Testa, one of the Directors of the Vocal Department, said, “The piece that the Chamber choir performed “Sisi Ni Moja” which they also performed at the Gala talks about how everybody in the world is similar on the fact that we all can be happy, we all can be sad, we all have trials, we all fail but, we get up. It was a very unifying piece and the thought of the text [lyrics] that everybody has bad days and good days and we are happy and sad and cry and laugh is a very positive message today because we sometimes all feel very alone and just being reminded that we all feel different emotions can be very helpful.”

The vocal majors showed the heart and soul of what OCSA is. Great job to all the vocalists who performed!