Dungeons & Dragons 2022 Pre-Order

Fizbans Treasury Pre-order in March.

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Fizban’s Treasury Pre-order in March.

Audrey Rivero, Reporter

Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), have released the newest addition, “Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons” for pre-order. Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most well-recognized and profitable fantasy table top role playing games of the past few decades, and constantly sees new updates and additions.

“Make your dragons soar to new heights with this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game,” stated by the D&D Beyond, the official website for Dungeons and Dragons.

“Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons” is set to open for pre-order on October 26th, offering the fleshing out of dragonkind and draconic tidbits of D&D. The companion book is set to introduce new subclasses, extensive lore, new PC (player-character) options, and new feats/spell options for characters. Not only does it offer the material for PC’s, but DM’s (dungeon-masters) are to be given elaborate instruction on 20 new species of dragons, including the new gem dragons to 5e (the 5th era of D&D).

The most notable feature of Fizban’s, however, is a complete dragon bestiary (a catalogue of monsters), with a variety of new dragons, draconic creatures, minions, and dragon gods. Additionally, the book is expected to explore the magic that dragons influence the world with, what dragon-sight is, and the differences that dragons have in both moral alignment and powers. The more elaborate parts of the book can be found on D&D Beyond, the official website for D&D, along with bonuses for the pre-order exclusive to the digital aspects that D&D Beyond offers.

The entire book is meant to be fictionally written by the dragon-expert, Fizban, a fictional arch-mage that’s a divine avatar of a dragon god, all of which was written by the Wizards of the Coast team. Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is set to launch sometime in March. The pre-order is available on D&D Beyond, Amazon, and local game stores.