Florida Hospital Reaches a Huge COVID-19 Achievement


Monica Yadav

The Doctor’s Hospital in Sarasota, FL

Laura Richart, Reporter

The Doctor’s Hospital in Sarasota, Florida was the first hospital in Florida to treat a patient of COVID-19, but now they are the first Florida hospital to not have any COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic. The hospital started fighting the virus in February of 2020 and haven’t stopped working since.

There’s been no pin point reason on to why FLs COVID rates have stayed so low with Gov. Ron DeSantis banned mask mandates, but so far FL somehow has the lowest rate of COVID cases in the entire country. Chief Nursing Officer Todd Haner praised FL medical workers for how much they have progressed in such a short amount of time. COVID hospitalizations in FL have been going down for around the past 70 days. This is an all time low for the state. These achievements help prove how hard these doctors and nurses have worked to help end this pandemic.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw told news sources that “Governor DeSantis is proud of Florida’s success with launching monoclonal antibody treatment sites throughout the state, which made a huge impact on lowering hospitalizations and saving lives. Early treatment – getting the monoclonal antibodies as soon as possible after testing positive or experiencing symptoms – cuts the risk of hospitalization by 70% or more.”  Haner also said that the low COVID rates prove that the vaccine is working. He encourages everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine.

Even though DeSantis banned mask mandates and other COVID polices in public places, many health officials claim that it is still important to wear your mask and to get vaccinated if to help make sure that these hospital beds stay empty.