Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd At Osceola Arts!


Come see Sweeney Todd at Osceola Arts!

Keith Behrend, Reporter

From November 18th to the 21st, Osceola Arts will be putting on the show Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

Sweeney Todd is a musical thriller set in an unsettling Victorian era. Sweeney, a barber returns to London after 15 years of exile to take revenge on a corrupted Judge Turpin that locked up Todd because of his beautiful wife and daughter; he wanted them for his own. He then meets Nellie Lovett, a baker at a pie shop who has been in love with him for years. Sweeney then begins to run a business with Ms. Lovett in her pie shop, killing people when they come in for a shave. Lovett begins to turn the dead bodies into meat pies and has a wonderful business. After a young boy Tobias Ragg realizes that Sweeney is a murderer, things only get worse from there.

Director of the show Elijah Gragg stated, “I’m very excited to be able to direct this incredible group of young actors! The amount of work they have put into mounting this difficult show is incredible. I knew Sweeney Todd would be a large undertaking show when I chose it, but knowing the talent I have in the Young Actors Company at Osceola Arts, I knew they could pull off a high quality production! You won’t want to miss the show!”

The lead cast of the show is Safin Karim as Sweeney Todd, Jada Rodriguez as Ms. Lovett, Anthony Rozon as Judge Turpin, Keith Behrend as Tobias Ragg, and many more fascinating actors!

You can find and purchase tickets at!