The Middle School Holiday Show


Luca Chiandoni

The Middle School Holiday Show will take place on Friday, December 3rd.

Sophia Cacoilo, Reporter

On Friday, December 3rd, the Drama Department will present the Middle School Holiday Show from 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Students and parents alike should be pleased to know each ticket costs $10 and are available for purchase through the MySchoolBucks website.

The Middle School Holiday show will contain a multitude of performances from every art major, ranging from middle school band to creative writers. Along with these performances, guests will be able to see lobby displays of artwork from visual artists within the school, allowing for every aspect of art created in OCSA to be displayed throughout the show.

These performances have no set plan, with every major doing a different performance around the holiday theme. It is currently unknown if there will be any Hanukkah centered performances for the Middle School Show, however the High School Holiday show has been confirmed to have a wind ensemble including the celebration. 

Though the Middle School Show will star 6- 8th grade students, some high school students will appear to assist with the show. A high school student will narrate a piece that will be performed by the middle school creative writers with technical theater majors assisting throughout the show. High school students will be given volunteer hours for their help. Please note to assist with the show an individual would need to ask their teacher within their major.

According to Mr. Molineaux, the Band Director in charge of the Holiday Show, “My students have been working on the music since mid October and they have been doing pretty well with it. We’re getting ready to do the performance and then when we get back from Thanksgiving break we’ll start doing tech rehearsals.” 

We hope you will attend the show!