Teachers Take the Stage at OCSA Teacher Talent Show


Ruby Carrero-Pomales

OCSA’s Teacher Talent show will be a night to remember!

Ruby Carrero-Pomales, Reporter

Students at Osceola County School for the Arts are renowned for their talent and dedication to their craft, but a topic that comes up much less are the artistic processes of their mentors and educators. Their talents are known but aren’t often put on display for the public today. That all changes on December 15th at the Teacher Talent Show. The doors for the show open at 4:15 p.m., with the show starting at 5:00 p.m. You can purchase your tickets on My School Bucks for five dollars. We hope to see you there!

In the school’s history, this is the second Teacher Talent Show to make the stage. It stands as an unraveling of the instructors’ talent at OCSA, not just for art directors but all educators. In an interview with performers and event organizers Gislene Cornwell and Ana Gonzalez, they spoke about the purpose of the show. Cornwell started off by saying, “The teacher talent show is an opportunity for our staff members and teachers to take the stage. So often we have our students are performing at recital and its usually our teachers cheering on the students. We want to give an opportunity for it to be backwards, where students are the ones presenting the teachers and celebrating them,”

Gonzales added onto the statement, “It’s not just to have the art teachers performing because of course they know how to do that, it’s giving the chance to the academic teachers to join the world of the arts.”

Staff from all parts of the school will be joining the show. Here’s the current list of the school’s cast and crew.

Art Directors
The Jubilant Jason Anderson!
The Delightful David Herzog!
The Wonderous William Molineaux!
The Marvelous Marina Perendy!

ELA, Language, and History
The Captivating Carlos Burgos Laboy!
The Knowledgeable Keith Cross!
The Virtuous Virginia Ekblom!
The Loving Lizette Marrero!
The Jaw-Dropping Joshua Murphy!
The Kind-Hearted Katherine Reeves!
The Charming Chelsea Swann

The Magnificent Michael Barra!
The Ravishing Rachael Hendrix!
 The Jovial Jay McBride!
The Acclaimed Alvin Olivo!

Support Staff, Guidance, Leadership Team

The Daring Daniel Alvarez
The Caring Chris Arrington!
The Gentle Gislene Cornwell!
The Killer Karen Gill!
The Amazing Ana Gonzalez!
The Nifty Nayhomi Millan!
With a surprise appearance from Dr. Jeanette Long!

We hope to see you there!