Commander of US Navy SEAL Team 8 Died After Injury from Fast-Rope Exercise


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Commander of US Navy SEAL Team 8, Brian Bourgeois passed away after fast-rope exercise.

Isabel Tercero, Reporter

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Commander of US Navy SEAL Team 8, Brian Bourgeois, died in Norfolk Sentara General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. The beloved 43-year-old died from an injury developed from a training exercise on Saturday, December 4, 2021. The training, known as fast-rope training, prepares troops by making them practice going down a rope from a helicopter. The training took place in Virginia Beach.

Bourgeois acquired his commission from the Naval Academy in May 2001. After graduating, Bourgeois went on to work in the Naval Special Warfare Community for more than 20 years. Throughout his 2 decades in the military, he has been awarded the Bronze Star, with connect “V” device and the combat action ribbon. Navy records show that Bourgeois was made commander in 2017 and joined SEAL Team 8 in November 2020.

The cause of the injury that resulted in his death is unclear and is currently under investigation. When the cause is finally discovered, the command said the findings will be made available “at the appropriate time.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bourgeois family – we will ensure our community remains in support of and in relationships with Brian’s family and his children, for life. Brian was one of our very best leaders, who possessed all the attributes that make our force effective. We will miss his charismatic leadership and faithful stewardship of our standard. His legacy carries out on in teammates he served with, led and mentored,” said Rear Admiral H.W Howard III, the commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command. According to Rear Admiral H.W Howard III, Bourgeois died beside his wife and five children in the hospital.

“We are working with SEAL Team 8 to provide every form of support we possibly can to Brain’s family and teammates,” stated Captain Donald G. Wetherbee, commodore, Naval Special Warfare Group 2. “This is a great loss to everyone who knew him. He will be greatly missed.”