A Farewell to Ms. Judy

Obtained from OCSA website

Obtained from OCSA website

Geraldo Salcedo, Reporter

The OCSA family will be saying goodbye to Ms. Judy, an esteemed administrator who has been at the school since 2010. In her time here, she has worked under Principal Lisby, Principal Rassmussen, and now, Principal Evens. With her son, OJ, graduating this May, Ms. Judy has taken the opportunity to broaden her horizons and work elsewhere.

“OCSA is the only school I have been employed with so I simply wanted a change.” Ms. Judy stated in an interview.

Being here for more than eight years, Ms. Judy has seen all OCSA has to offer: a multitude of recital performances, including those during the time recital was a weekly event. She was also here to celebrate when the Jazz Band played at former President Obama’s inaugural parade in 2012, where her daughter Niyah participated in.

Her last day will be April 20. Before she concludes her OCSA journey, be sure to give her your thanks and goodbyes for all the wonderful work she’s done throughout her time.