Houston Apartment Shooting: One Injured


Sarah Richart

Houston apartment shooting injures one.

Sarah Richart , Reporter

An apartment shooting, which resulted in the hospitalization of a 4-year-old child occurred New Years Day in Houston, Texas. The child was later identified as George Floyd’s niece, Arianna Delane.

Delane was shot in the torso and suffered a punctured lung and liver along with broken ribs. The incident was identified as a drive by shooting after someone opened fire on their apartment. She is currently under intensive care but stable. It has been reported that police did not arrive to the scene until four hours later. However, the chief of police has made a public statement concerning protocol changes and reform due to the response time. An investigation is currently underway.

The girl was asleep in her bed at the time of the shooting. There were four adults and two children in the apartment. The chief of police asks that the public keep the child in their prays and stay hopeful for a full recovery. Arianna’s father, Derrick Delane, spoke to reporters briefly saying, “she is recovering.”

Although the offender has not been brought into custody, police have not stopped searching and will hopefully bring the person responsible and give the family the justice they deserve.