Get Into the Gaming Gig: FNaF Security Breach


Sophia Cacoilo

Security Breach has rekindled Five Nights At Freddy’s fans love for the franchise despite its many bugs and glitches.

Sophia Cacoilo, Reporter

Ever since the new Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach game came out on December 16th, 2021, the fandom has been abuzz with attempts to uncover the lore and meaning behind the game. However, gamers and reviewers of the series have noticed a peculiar aspect of the game: it is completely different from the original trailer and is heavily unfinished.

There are many pieces of evidence to indicate the unfinishedness of the game, one of them being the file size of 80 GB. For comparison, Grand Theft Auto, a game with a fully digital version of Los Angeles with free roam, has the file size of 72 GB. Security Breach does not nearly have the same map size or features to indicate the large file, even with the massive amounts of bonus collectibles within the game. The only way the games file size could be this massive would-be budget cuts or an oncoming deadline which prevents file size compression, which we already know occurred with the amount of game release delays.

Besides the file size, there is a massive number of bugs and glitches within the game. With any new game release, players know to expect some issues, nevertheless, Security Breach has an abundance of them. Whether it be worm holes leading to backwards progress in the game, jumping over fences to a game ending or multiples of animatronics in one room, the game is riddled with them. Thankfully, the game developers are working through the bugs and glitches for an easier player experience, with hopes of a future DLC, downloadable content, that can add new features for gamers to enjoy.

According to Steelwool on the issue of the bugs, “So, there is some bugs- yes, we see the posts. Some are surprising, others less so. Some bugs you’ve found might bring a few of our devs to the brink of madness because were positive we fixed them, yet there they are.”

Beyond all of this, there is a multitude of cut content to be found in online spaces leading many to believe a completely different series of events were to happen with the backstory of the game. This is also seen with the easter eggs and secret information handed out within the game making no sense when placed together. Aside from all the issues within the game, the fandom has seen a resurgence leading to increase in interest about the series, along with fan content and theorists.