2022 Emergency Watchlist


Sarah Richart

2022 Emergency Watchlist.

Sarah Richart, Reporter

On December 11th, 2021, the International Rescue Committee has revealed the 10 countries on the emergency watchlist with information concerning the current issues surrounding that country. An emergency watchlist is a list of countries in dire need of help and assistance due to humanitarian issues, environmental impacts, lack of resources, etc.

Those on the watchlist for 2022 are:

Sudan. Political tension threatens potential peacemaking efforts. Inflation levels have risen along with suspension of debt relief. Plagues, droughts, and flooding threatens the lives of many.

Syria. COVID-19 lead to economic downfall in neighboring countries surrounding Syria, in response food items have increased in price. Government plans to retake territory puts millions at risk. As well as the United Nations aid into Syria expires soon.

Somalia. Poor infrastructure, bureaucratic and political issues have led to a spark of violence and displacement. Droughts lead to an increase in food insecurity which results in little nutrition. Disease continues to spread posing a severe risk on the poor, relocating many.

Myanmar. Thousands of people have been displaced due to conflict and civil unrest throughout the entire country. There has been an estimated amount of 300 attacks on already limited health facilities. Militia take over has led to severe economic contraction leading to further challenges.

Democratic Republic of Congo. Armed groups aiming to take control of land and resources targets citizens during conflict. Ebola threats remain severe, while the health system still recovers from previous outbreaks. Humanitarian responses remain underfunded.

South Sudan. Hunger, economic crisis, COVID-19, and conflict doesn’t even begin to explain the humanitarian risks in South Sudan at the moment, putting it very high on the list of those in need.

Nigeria. Restriction on humanitarian access will put millions at risk and vulnerable to armed groups. Disease outbreaks and climate change effects has led to extensive conflict and leaves many without clean water.

Yemen. Economic downfall as well as lack of education and health care pushes those in despair deeper into crisis. Humanitarian response is limited and restricted.

Ethiopia. Number two on the list, facing severe conflict and natural disasters. Also, low access to the COVID-19 vaccine making the country vulnerable to the virus. Refugee levels have risen adding to the massive population in the country already.

Afghanistan. Facing the biggest struggles, number one on the list is currently facing universal poverty. 90% of their health clinics are expected to shut down which leads to risk of outbreaks and malnutrition. Women are facing major sexism and abuse, restrictions of both work and home life.

Those on the list are facing struggles that we can’t even begin to imagine. Famine, sexism, acts of terror, and more. Many are fleeing violence and need humanitarian aid. To donate and learn more go to rescue.org there you can find resources on how to help such as donating monthly, rescue gifts, tribute gifts, starting a fundraising campaign, volunteer, attend an event, take action, etc.

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