Teddy Balkind Dies During Hockey Game



Young hockey player dies after on ice-collision

Allison Morgan, Reporter

On Thursday night Teddy Balkind, a 15-year-old hockey player from St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, Connecticut died due to an accident that occurred during an on-ice collision.

Balkind was a sophomore on the junior varsity hockey team at St. Luke’s School and had a game against the Brunswick School in Greenwich on Thursday.

Reports said that a Brunswick player was near Balkind when he took a fall to the ice. The Brunswick player was unable to stop and Balkind was cut on his neck by a skate. The game was immediately stopped and 911 was called. Balkind was treated at the scene before being transported to the hospital. There were reports from school officials that Balkind’s father was at his game and traveled with his son to the hospital. Balkind unfortunately did not survive the surgery and died at Greenwich Hospital.

His death was labeled an “unimaginable tragedy” by officials and the St. Luke’s School community. Balkind was a longtime ice hockey played wearing mainly the number 5 on his jersey. He played for the New Canaan Winter Club and has a picture posted on his Instagram of his team winning state championship.

Players from all leagues and all sports have started a #sticksoutforteddy movement where they lean their sticks and other equipment outside their door frame in honor of him. His passing reached the National Hockey League and professional hockey players offered their condolences and shared tributes to Teddy. Cam Atkinson, a right winger on the Philidelphia Flyers, posted on his social media, “A horrible tragedy playing the game we all love,” also stating he was “heartbroken” for the family.

Other teams such as the New York Rangers also posted about Teddy Balkind’s death, writing messages for his family. “While it’s hard to put into words the impact of such a loss, know that our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you,” the New York Rangers posted on Twitter.