BB gun found at Osceola High School


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OHS student brings BB gun to campus

Laura Richart, Reporter

On Friday afternoon Osceola High School (OHS) was put into lockdown after a student brought a BB gun onto the school’s campus. The student that was found with the gun was taken into custody later on in the day.

“At 11:27 (a.m.) today we received a report of a student that was on the campus of (Osceola High School) that allegedly had a gun,” said Deputy Chief Betty Holland. “Officers were able to review some video and locate the student.” Holland said the gun was later found and that the school claimed that it was not fired on campus.

Police say that they will keep investigating the case. According to Holland, the other two students that knew about the gun being on campus will soon get questioned. Police have claimed that no other threats have been heard on campus regarding the BB gun.

During the lockdown, parents were contacted about the incident but were warned to stay off campus until the lockdown lifted. OHS and Thanker Avenue Elementary School (TASIS) were both on lockdown. TASIS is the school down the street from OHS (less than a mile away) so they were on lockdown just as a precaution.

According to sources, no other information can be disclosed at this time.