Florida State Spanish Conference Winners!


OCSA students crowd around the trophies they won at this year’s Florida State Spanish Conference.

Emilyanne Richart, Reporter

Congratulations are in order for Mrs. Marrero’ s students! OCSA students received an array of recognitions at the annual Florida State Spanish Conference, which tests both academic and artistic performance. OCSA has been participating in this conference for over 10 years and plans to continue for many years to come.

Each student who participated in the academic performance had a top score that they could earn, which totaled into the overall school score that contributed to the school’s ranking. In the category “Impromptu Speech,” students won 14 out of 16 ‘Sobresalienates’ (outstanding) with 10 Perfect Scores and 2 Superiors. Additionally, they won 6 out of 6 ‘Sobresalienates’ (Perfect Scores). On the other hand, the students who participated in the artistic performance were scored individually, meaning their score didn’t add into the school’s ranking. This year, students participated in this artistic performance by dancing, playing their instruments, and creating an authentic dress from a Spanish-speaking country. Students who participated in the Drama category received a Perfect Score and Jesibell Davila received 1st place with their dance performance. Davila also won second place in the Regional Dress category. Additionally, Radovan Pavisic and Ryan Rosario got second place for their instrumental performance. Rosario and Sofia Tirado each won Essay Writing Senior Scholarships. The students who participated in both the academic and artistic performances spent the first semester preparing for the contest. They began practicing shortly after the Hispanic Heritage Festival, which many of the same students were involved in. Most of the students participating are in the Spanish Honor Society or in Mrs. Marrero’ s AP Spanish class.

Mr. Murphy, Mr. Burgos, Mrs. Rodríguez (Neo City) and Mrs. Marrero all supported and collaborated in this event. Mrs. Marrero says that her, as well as the students, are very excited for next year’s conference. She says that this year’s conference was “very challenging due to COVID-19.” Since most students couldn’t participate in many extracurricular activities last year during the pandemic, Mrs. Marrero states that it was like they had to “start all over again.” She claims that although the process was very extensive, it was also very positive, which is why students “can’t wait until next year to participate.”