No Nukes in North Korea


Geraldo Salcedo, Reporter

Following the North-South talks between the Koreas on April 27, North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un promised to shut down main nuclear testing sites in the North’s capital Pyongyang. South Korean officials reported that the North would close the site in May and “take steps to demonstrate the closure to the world.” This move by the North Korean government comes weeks before a summit between Leader Kim and President Trump. The North agreed to this denuclearizing deal during a summit meeting with the South in exchange for a security guarantee wherein the United States would not invade or manipulate the situation after disarmament.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the Trump administration would be heading into further talks with North Korea to establish a verification system and ensure the deal is being upheld. Analysts, however, claim that the installation of a verification system might be the hardest thing for the North to agree upon as it requires U.S. or U.N. officials entering the country to investigate.

Still, after 65 years, the denuclearization deal drawn between the Koreas is a step towards ending decades-long strife and paving the path towards peace.