COVID-19 Testing Sites are Closing Down

Covid-19 testing sites are closing down.

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Covid-19 testing sites are closing down.

Aubrey Bohen, Reporter

As COVID-19 cases decrease and normality begins to set back in, various COVID-19 testing sites have shut down. Back in 2020-2021 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic testing sites were packed, now with at home kits there isn’t a need for testing sites. Local drug stores like Walgreens and CVs also are open to testing and carry at home tests.

Eight at home tests are available for every household through the federal government at All of these options mean sites will not need to worry about masses forming at the sites for testing. Many of these testing sites were open to the public for over two years, where hundreds tested positive daily.

Sarah Henderson, director of the Public Health Services Division of the Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency in North Carolina says “The last couple of weeks, we have seen single digits every day. [Referring to people receiving testing] I certainly won’t speak for other counties, but I think we’re probably heading in that direction where if they’re not closing down, they’re decreasing hours and staff.”

But some theorize sites are closing due to depleting funds and not because of lowering positive cases. In fact, Philadelphia reinstated indoor mask mandates this Monday and some states are still seeing rising numbers. Keeping testing sites open without government funding has become very expensive for state governments and third parties running them. Texas, Delaware, Washington and Massachusetts, are closing sites and many more are following. Though these sites will no longer be running, there is still the possibility of them reopening if another spike in cases occurs.