Atlantis Ablaze Offers Limited Candy Grams


Ruby Carrero-Pomales

Atlantis Ablaze offers candy grams to OCSA students!

Ruby Carrero-Pomales, Reporter

From April 27th to April 29th, OCSA’s literary magazine Atlantis Ablaze will be selling Spring Time candy grams. The proceeds from the candy grams will go to funding the literary magazine and its endeavors.

Every Candy Gram will contain a goodie bag with an Easter Egg, different candies like gummies, Milk Chocolate, Dum-Dum loli-pops, and a kind note for the treasured recipient, along with a ton of other tasty treats.

When asked about why literary magazine is selling candy grams, P.R. Editor Michelle Paz, “We’re selling the candy grams simply to not just promote our literary magazine but also do something a little sweet for the spring season because there hasn’t been much gift giving this time around and there’s a lot going on with exam season also approaching. So we kinda wanted to put something for friends to give each other or loved ones.”

Candy grams are only three dollars each, so get yours today at