2022 OCSA Hall of Fame: Dillon Carswell


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Dillon Carswell, 2022 OCSA Hall of Fame

Momo Sutton, Reporter

Dillon Carswell, an orchestra major here at OCSA, has recently become one of the seniors in 2022’s Hall of Fame. His favorite part about being in OCSA is the people he has met because of it.

In all of his seven years at OCSA, some of his most notable achievements has been participating in National Honor Society, becoming a Khan Academy Ambassador, earning a Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship, being on Prom Committee, and getting a FOA Solo & Ensemble Superior Rating. His other accomplishments include making chamber orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, All County Orchestra, and playing in Pit Orchestra for West Side Story as well as Guys and Dolls.

A friend of Carswell’s, John Gill, says, “I’ve known Dillon ever since the first orchestra camp in the summer before 6th grade. That kid is something else! My first impression of him was in a way an extroverted kid, but in a way that would help others. Dillon is very much disciplined. He will do everything to get what he wants and whether that’s staying up late or waking up early. Dillon is such a caring kid. I’ll miss him as far as high school, but knowing we’ll be together in college is just amazing. It’s a brotherhood that will never be broken.”

Carswell applied to the University of Central Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Florida. He plans to take kinesiology leading into physical therapy. He says that his goals for the future are to never settle for anything less and to become a better version of himself every day.

Elizabeth Gill, in an interview about Carswell, said, “He seemed very kind and has good manners, and he’s also very personable. His personality is very cool, really comfortable to be around him.”

“My favorite thing… it’s probably the friends I have made that are like family to me now, but the hardest thing was probably getting used to OCSA being different from other school experiences and the difficulty of classes.” says Carswell. “My favorite class was Mr. Cross’s class; my favorite teacher was probably Mr. Barth.”

Some of his hobbies include cars, basketball, football, working out, and spending time with friends and family. When asked if he had any advice to give to underclassmen, Carswell said, “Work hard, don’t stress, and never take for granted your friends and family because they will probably be with you for the rest of your life.” He says that he felt very honored and is glad to have been selected for the Hall of Fame this year.