2022 OCSA Hall of Fame: Rodrigo Rodriguez Hernandez


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Rodrigo Rodriguez Hernandez, 2022 OCSA Hall of Fame

Alexander Mata, Reporter

The OCSA Hall of Fame honorees feature the most dedicated and amazing senior students here at the school, doing everything it takes to fulfill their academic and artistic passions. One of those amazing seniors recognized this year is the one and only Rodrigo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez Hernandez has accomplished much in the 5 years he’s attended OCSA. His talent in orchestra is playing the flute, and more recently the guitar. His passion for the flute lead to him wanting to make people’s day, or as he says, “…showing my friends and the younger generation that there’s a chance to always reach maximum potential.” Being in the Hall of Fame only grows his faith, describing it as “humbling” to show all the work he has paid off. All while remaining an inspiration for people, helping them work towards their passions and be the best they can be.

Rodriguez Hernandez’s many accomplishments include being nominated for the U.S Presidential Scholars Program, being a selected Finalist for the YoungArts National Competition, being a part of the National Youth Orchestra 2, and making an appearance in NPR’s “From the Top” along with being awarded their $10,000 Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. Rodriguez Hernandez strives to continue “working towards making [his future] something good and enjoyable.” He plans on attending the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami on a full ride pursuing a Music Performance degree.

Mr. Frazao, the Orchestra Director at OCSA, states Rodriguez Hernandez is “incredibly humble” and “incredibly reliable in class” to his peers below him, to which Mr. Mollineaux and Mr. Cusick (both Band Directors) agree. “It’s been a blessing teaching him… couldn’t be prouder of him.” Mr. Frazao describes him as an “avatar” to the others, being able to not only embody his proficiency on the flute, “finding avenues to promote Latin music… Not only is he playing to be a participant, but he also wants to be an artist.” Mr. Frazao is very proud of him all throughout.

Rodriguez Hernandez enjoys seizing artistic opportunities outside of school. He’s currently looking forward to the summer, as he will be “attending the Youth Orchestras of Los Angeles National Festival, with three more of my OCSA classmates along with my sister.” The festival is a huge orchestra performance where participants play along with many musicians around the country, ranging from 14-18 years of age. It finishes with a concert in the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA conducted by world-renowned Gustavo Dudamel.

Occasionally, Rodriguez Hernandez takes restful breaks from his music career to focus on his relaxing hobby: cooking. He enjoys getting to “try out new dishes from different cultures, as well as cooking food from my native country of Venezuela.” Even if cooking might seem like an ordinary thing, it all ties back to the art of making those dishes “since you have to put love and dedication in order to be rewarded with something incredible.”

His many accomplishments show how incredible of an artist he is at the school, and what most would expect from a talented, experienced OCSA student. Rodriguez Hernandez thanks everyone who helped him get to this point, stating, “honestly, I’m grateful for every single person I have met on this journey, good or bad, more specifically my family… so I would thank them for shaping me into the person I am now.”

It’s clear to see all the hard work and effort Rodrigo Rodriguez Hernandez has accomplished during his time here is just the beginning of his amazing career, and we wish him well on his journey!