2022 OCSA Hall of Fame: Rajendra Indar

Rajendra Indar, 2022 OCSA Hall of Fame

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Rajendra Indar, 2022 OCSA Hall of Fame

Audrey Rivero, Reporter

Throughout his 4 years at OCSA, Rajendra Indar has excelled as a student and artist, determined and goal-oriented with his musical craft. As a band major playing the saxophone, Indar has consistently proven his skills as a musician and been a role model for the underclassmen throughout his schooling here. From here, Indar is attending Florida State University to study political sciences.

Described as eager to learn and the type to further himself as a person, it comes to no surprise the astounding accomplishments that he has achieved. Isaiah Moran, senior band major clarinetist and close friend of Indar’s, stated in an interview that “his desire for growth is one of the most important qualities to have as a musician, and since has so much more in that regard, applying it in context makes him an incredibly strong musician.” Moran then added “he accomplishes his goals. I imagine he’ll do whatever he wants to do in life, he wouldn’t go into something he wouldn’t want to do, so I think his future looks incredibly bright.”

Outside of school, Indar spends a lot of his time happily with friends, skating or exploring the hot spots that Florida has to offer. Along with that, he obsesses over the newest artists and genres, delving into the world of music. However, even with making time for his social life and interests, Indar achieved a multitude of accomplishments during his stay at OCSA. From an AP Capstone Candidate to TSA president, and TEDx Youth Speaker, Indar explored a vast curricular; although, there were some that he says he’s prouder of than others. “I would say that I have been the proudest of my time with TSA. Serving as vice president under Amanuel Geleta was so much fun, and the chapter placed in a total of 8 events during those 2 years. Serving as president this year was also such an honor,” Indar stated, adding “I had the best chapter a president could have asked for.”

When asked to describe himself, Indar said “I’m the kind of person who really likes to be around people and have a good impact on them, and I tend to judge myself based on how other people perceive me. I just hope that I can be a positive aspect in people’s lives, and for those people to know that they are all special aspects of my life and give my life meaning.” Although, he added that he “honestly doesn’t know every part of it.”

As a role model and educator to the underclassmen, Indar said his biggest piece of advice would be to “just get out there and explore everything this environment has to offer. High school is a really great time to explore your interests and indulge in them, you may even find interests that you didn’t know you had.” He also added that “meeting people and forming friendships is such an amazing experience and really added to these last four years. I just hope that the underclassmen can have the same experience that I did.”