Middle School Drama Department Arrival


Audrey Rivero

The Middle School Tech Class.

Audrey Rivero , Reporter

For the first time since the founding of OCSA in 2002, a middle school drama department has been created. Run by Mrs. Katherine Reeves, the administration of the school came to the conclusion that the department was a needed addition to the repertoire that the school offers. Three years ago, the visual arts program had opened up its doors to middle school, and drama has followed suit.

As an art school, prior to this year, we were one of the few schools in the county who had not had a drama department with access for middle schoolers. Although the need was present for some time, it became more and more pressing as time went on. Mr. Brian Capley, who ran a middle-school acting class last year, had a strong influx of students applying to the class. However, there was only so much space, and the faculty, as well as the arts directors, felt that opening up the program to middle school was not only needed, but something that should have happened some time ago.

With an interview from the new 5th period class, a technical theater course, nearly every student in the class was unanimous in their satisfaction with the program. Although not the entire department, still few students expressed an interest in pursuing tech once they reach their high school years. Aside from the one class, the program itself functions very similarly to the standard high school program; an unnamed student described it as “an auxiliary to the high schoolers.” The department, as described by artists at OCSA, is where middle schoolers can learn fundamentals and segway into the high school program. “I’m excited, but also nervous, since we’re coming out of COVID,” said Mrs. Reeves, who expressed that she had a lot of plans for the coming year.

Fundamentally, a department is only as strong as its artists, and as for a small survey from a select middle school drama group, roughly half intended to pursue careers in drama. Aside from futures, the present is that the middle schoolers of this year are pioneering a new program with excitement and energy.