The Phoenix has landed as OCSA’s new mascot!


Joao Moraes

Dr. Gilford holding the OCSA phoenix merch!

Joao Moraes, Reporter

After many polls, many suggestions, and many disagreeing points, OCSA students had casted their vote for the school mascot and this school year it was unveiled that the official mascot of the school would the phoenix. With the new mascot being chosen, it was handed to the design team to actually create a visual picture for the phoenix, including maximum detail and thus, the phoenix for our school was born.

With the new mascot, we have some new merch for us to purchase. So, get ready to show some school spirit OCSA! With the trademark phoenix being incorporated into our school logo, we have new hoodies, T-shirts, cups, etc. Meaning, that on Fridays, birds of a feather will soar together with artists showing off their fiery wings with flaming style.

To answer what everyone is asking: How was the phoenix born? Well, Mr. Olivo’s design team has the job of resurrecting the phoenix from its ashes and present it to OCSA. Intricate detail was put into each aspect on the phoenix, and how it represents our school. In the words of our Principal Dennis Neal, “The phoenix talks about rising from the ashes and regeneration and all that.” Which is a great concept to show how our school has handled difficult situations in the past, yet we always managed to get back on track.

Although the phoenix received a lot of positive feedback, why did the student body decide now out of all times to take the time in making a mascot? Mr. Neal also mentions “The intent is to have a visual representation, a pictorial representation for our school, and I love it.” The thing is, many students and faculty seem confused on what the purpose for the mascot really is, since our school does not have a sports team. Some believe it’s unnecessary, or that it’s just for marketing. The truth is, it’s not.

The OCSA mascot is the portrayal of our student body. It is the depiction on how the students craft art for others to appreciate. It’s a way for others to see us as persevering artist that don’t give up even in the toughest of times, we never give up.