Momo Sutton: Star Athlete and Writer Extraordinaire


Maria Studillo

Momo stands victorious with her three medals.

Jessica Vanderbeck, Reporter

The salty smell of chlorine and warmth of sunshine fall upon the Bob Makinson Aquatic Center. A competitive swimmer dives into the pool, going so fast you just might miss her if you weren’t looking close enough. This practice is one of many for the coming months, every moment of exhaustion becomes worth it as she’s presented with three hard-earned medals. Although it sounds like something out of a movie, it’s just another day in the life of Momo Sutton, a creative writing sophomore at OCSA.

Momo’s swimming journey first began with a simple doctor’s orders: take up a bilateral exercise to prevent muscular atrophy. She made the decision to start swimming at four years old and transferred to swimming in a competitive setting at nine years old. With a great team, supportive parents, and two best friends to cheer her on, she only got better. Six years later, at the Orange Belt Conference, she would take home three medals: two gold, and one silver. But how did she really do it?

To say the least, it wasn’t easy. Practices are five days a week, sometimes spilling into weekends, lasting up to six and a half hours. Hurricanes and outdoor practice facilities don’t mix well- especially when that facility is the host of a major event. The start of a new school year is incredibly stressful, but the right strategies, the right people, and swapping end-of-the-day periods for virtual ones to attend practice made this incredible feat possible. “I am especially gratefully for my coach. She pushed us so hard but winning has worth every struggle we faced,” shared Momo.

While it might sound like Momo eats, sleeps, and breathes laps around the pool, she’s just like any other OCSA student. She loves to read, play the violin, and eat delicious food. It’s not every day you see a student that’s an artist and an athlete, but Momo has everything it takes to do it all. With a great work ethic, plenty of talent, and the friendliest smile you’ll ever see, there’s nothing she can’t do.