Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Made Its Way to OCSA!!



Wonka Chocolates and the extremely rare Golden Tickets!

Evelyn Tippett, Reporter

OCSA just finished holding auditions for the show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Mr. Lamont Clegg, the school’s drama teacher, was hosting the auditioning process, and he just finished choosing the lucky few who get to be a part of this show. The cast list will be posted sometime after Thanksgiving break!

Many students have been waiting for their golden ticket to be casted into this magical show. One of those students is 9th grade Drama Major, Sofia Espinoza Santeliz. She is very nervous and excited about the possibility of stepping inside Mr. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. When she auditioned, she had to sing, perform a comedic monologue, and she even had to make Mr. Clegg laugh without the monologue! Although, it’s not surprising considering the whimsical nature of the show. This show includes a lot of laughs, so we don’t want stone faces who aren’t having a good time on stage.

With short people with bright orange skin and broccoli green hair singing songs, only five kids in the entire world getting to step inside Wonka’s Factory, and teaching greedy kids valuable life lessons, it’s no wonder they want this show to be fun! When Sofia was asked what she liked about this show she said, “It’s fun! Like I’m reading the callback lines we have to do and it’s actually really fun the things you have to do for the characters and just imagining all the things we have to do for the show is super interesting and I’m super excited for it.”

So be ready to step into a world of pure imagination and make sure to keep an idea on when tickets release, because it is going to be a blast. When Veruca says “Go see the show!” you should definitely see the show.